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Review Set-up Guide

Want to know how to form your review? Look no further!

+ Use the '$ Key' to indicate the price range. Next add the name of the product you are reviewing. [This should all be in the Subject.]

The $ Key:
$= Incredibly (dirt) cheap
$$= Moderate/expected
$$$= Getting pricey
$$$$= Expensive
$$$$$= Costs an arm and a leg; an excessive price

+ Provide a picture of the product (if you want). If you choose to include one, make sure it is a reasonable size and not monstrously huge, or so tiny that no one can tell what it is.

+ Provide a link (or links) to a site where the product can be purchased (not mandatory, but oh so helpful).

+ At this point, you should probably include an lj cut; unless for some reason your review is incredibly short.

+ Provide a small summary or description of the product (this is generally provided on sites where the item can be purchased; just copy and paste. If one isn't available, don't do it).

+ Include a list of pros and cons (if any), and whatever else that you think is helpful and within reason (use your common sense).

+ Include the price of the product (the '$ Key' is for quick reference only, and further explanation is required).

+ If you'd like, you can "rate" the product on a scale of 1 to 5.

This is subject to revision.
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